Reformed Whores: Grand Ole C*ntry (3 stars)

This article is from 2017

Reformed Whores: Grand Ole C*ntry

credit: Mindy Tucker

Big laughs and hi-jinks with a degraded country duo

Katy and Marie are a pair of pure filthy 'southern-bred but NYC-based' ladies over here in Edinburg' (sic) to share their tales of sexual exploits. In fact there are perhaps only a couple of diversions from their vaginal / penile adventures, but then the clue was in the duo's name and that the 'country' of the title ain't got no 'o' in it: so what the hell would you expect?

It's like the darkened back room at your local Ann Summers shop has escaped, gone on a rampage and formed a country and western duo along the way. And a magnificently bawdy celebration of female sexuality it is too.

While admittedly the show is in danger of being a bit one-track, their songs are so beautifully put together that it's all indubitably enjoyable. Musically they clearly know their stuff, creating gorgeous harmonising and catchy melodies and the laughs are consistent throughout. Particularly popular with this night-time weekend crowd were a couple of gleefully outrageous moments: an unexpected arrival on stage and an especially inventive masturbation technique that produces some big laughs.

Sweet Grassmarket, until 27 Aug, 9.50pm, £7 (£5).

Reformed Whores: Grand Ole C*ntry

  • 3 stars

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