Bob Slayer: Whatever Next? (4 stars)

This article is from 2017

Bob Slayer: Whatever Next?

Loveably chaotic master of one unique Fringe experience after another

Frankly everyone at the Fringe should pop in and spend an hour with Bob Slayer on the top deck of his bus. Last year one of Slayer's main projects was organising the reading of the entire Chilcot Report into the Iraq War, which took almost two weeks and won the Edinburgh Comedy Award's panel prize. So, Whatever Next? It's a very good point. How do you follow that? Slayer hasn't a clue either.

What he talks about from one show to the next will inevitably change, so freewheeling is the experience. Though one sure-fire and hilarious constant will be his fresh-faced newly qualified legal adviser sat alongside him throughout the show: anyone familiar with Slayer's work will know that this is certainly a very wise move.

Slayer reminds his adviser that they still need to conduct a proper briefing, including a chat about the fact that Slayer almost got sued in 2011. Legal begins to look worried. It won't be for the first time during the run. This reminder provokes an anecdote about Cockgate when posters around the Fringe 'mysteriously' had penis stickers stuck to them. Being core to such stunts has made Slayer a name for himself as something of an agitator extraordinaire in August. That said, he's an extremely productive one as he now runs four venues full of extraordinary acts, capturing the Fringe's true spirit each year.

The skilled raconteur goes on to chat about his dad's chickens, other people he's annoyed and, surprisingly, even ends on a poignant note. It's also an eye-opener that he manages to wrap up his show on time and without leaving any narrative loose ends dangling. This pretty much sums him up: loveably chaotic but still able to get the job done.

Heroes @ Bob's Blundabus, until 27 Aug (not 9, 16, 23), 6.15pm, £5 (£3) or Pay What You Want.

Bob Slayer: Whatever Next?

  • 4 stars

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