The Topsy-Turvy Hotel (3 stars)

This article is from 2017

The Topsy-Turvy Hotel

credit: Lorna Jane Newman

Two comedians present a fun hour for families

If you found yourself staying at this far-from-reputable establishment during your holiday, it would be a living nightmare of 4am breakfasts and double-booked rooms. But for an hour during the Fringe, the Topsy Turvy Hotel is a fine place to be.

Inside this chaotic place you'll encounter incompetent hotel manager Fernando, cleaning-obsessed chamber maid Peggy Pillow, loathsome property tycoon Roger Bungalow, his wannabe artist sidekick Brenda Bagshot, and kitchen worker Jeff the Chef. All of whom are played by just two people – Fringe comedy scene regulars, Jody Kamali and Jo Neary.

Not only do these two performers know their way around a quick behind-the-scenes costume change, their relaxed back-and-forth with the audience (both scripted and improvised) sets everyone at ease and produces more than a few laughs.

While this may not be the slickest production in town or the most sophisticated storyline, there's something loveably rough around the edges about both the hotel and the show. And what's not to enjoy about an entire audience throwing plastic balls at the cast, and them reacting, all in slow motion?

Sweet Grassmarket, until 20 Aug (not 9), 12.25pm, £7 (£5).

The Topsy-Turvy Hotel

  • 3 stars

Jody Kamali and Jo Neary Fernando’s rickety hotel is under threat from the pesky property developer. Can you help? Come check in and expect a feast of physical slapstick and colourful characters. Featuring acclaimed character comedians and Fringe regulars Jody Kamali and Jo Neary. ‘Hilarious, inventive and loads of fun! I…