Sofie Hagen: Dead Baby Frog (4 stars)

This article is from 2017

Sofie Hagen: Dead Baby Frog

Another intimate story of abuse and neglect from this talented Danish comic

The men in Sofie Hagen's family are, to put it mildly, quite the pieces of work. After poring over her absent father in last year's Shimmer Shatter, the Copenhagen comic turns her astute attention to the awful grandfathers in her clan: all three of them. It's quite the convoluted set-up which you should hear from Hagen herself amid a story that involves Nazi memorabilia, animal cruelty and psychological torment.

There's never a point during Dead Baby Frog when you're not on Hagen's side, even when she's giggling inappropriately at a funeral or threatening to break Brian 'Westlife' McFadden's lap, and she'll have you metaphorically punching the air when she fights back against those who condemn fat people without knowing their backstory. And Hagen is so sensitive to the needs of others that immediately prior to the show, she offers a get-out clause for those who might not want to listen to an hour about abuse.

Ultimately, this is a compelling tale of resistance and breaking free from the shackles of tyranny, with Hagen's finale revolving around a pivotal familial example of this which she witnessed first-hand. As an added bonus, your command of the Danish language will marginally improve after 60 minutes in her company.

Bedlam Theatre, until 28 Aug, 2pm, £10 (£8).

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