Festival City #2 | Demystifying trans at the Fringe

This article is from 2017

Festival City #2 | Demystifying trans at the Fringe

Adam / credit: David Monteith-Hodge

Cora Bissett and Jo Clifford discuss their collaborations with the National Theatre of Scotland on plays Adam and Eve

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It's here folks, the city is awash with lanyards, Spiegeltents (yes, plural) have been erected, the purple cow is upside down and the circus has most definitely come to town, literally and figuratively. For episode two of Festival City our intrepid host Gareth K Vile headed to National Theatre of Scotland's new, multiple purpose venue Rockvilla for two conversations on plays showing at the Traverse Theatre during the Festival. His first interview is with Jo Clifford on her autobiographical play Eve in which they discuss the lack of trans-narratives in the arts and how these pieces have universal dimensions, after all, we're all just trying to figure out who we are. After critic Lorna Irvine stops by with some theatre recommendations, Gareth is joined by director Cora Bissett to discuss Adam, which tells the story of a boy born in a girl's body in Egypt and who travels to Glasgow in search of liberation. There may also be some Glasgow spruiking in a podcast about the Edinburgh Fringe... cheeky.

Show notes:
00:00:00 – Introduction from Gareth
00:01:47 – Jo Clifford interview for Eve
00:11:57 – Music, Derailed 'Oxytosin' Pleasance Dome
00:13:23 – Lorna Irvine, theatre picks from Fringe. Lilith the Jungle Girl, To Be Me, Staging Wittgenstein
00:16:59 – Music – Behind the Mirror, Go (company) C Venues
00:19:41 – Cora Bissett interview for Adam
00:30:12 – Outro

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  • 5 stars

A remarkable, true story of a young trans man fleeing from Egypt to Scotland. Presented by National Theatre of Scotland.


  • 3 stars

National Theatre of Scotland Eve tells the story of a child raised as a boy, when she knew all along that was wrong. That child grew up to be one of the 10 outstanding women in Scotland in 2017. What does that do to our understanding of what it is to be human in times of revolutionary change? With trans rights again under…