Glenn Moore – 'Having done some research on her face, Belinda Carlisle does have very distinctive features'

This article is from 2017

Glenn Moore – 'Having done some research on her face, Belinda Carlisle does have very distinctive features'

The rising star of stand-up and one-half of Thünderbards chats about his new Fringe show which has absolutely nothing to do with Belinda Carlisle whatsoever

After doing very few gigs, Glenn Moore found himself in the final of the prestigious So You Think You're Funny tournament of 2012. Five years on and he's set to unleash his second solo Fringe show upon us. Here, he chats about a particular female vocalist, unsolved mysteries, and the best way to pronounce 4nd.

Last year's show was called Glengarry Glen Glenn. This one is The Very Best of Belinda Carlisle. Both excellent titles. But does this one have as much about the Go-Go's singer as the last one contained material about David Mamet: ie zero?
I had a title before a show and the options were either make it an integral part of the show where it turns out that somehow Belinda Carlisle is the big reveal; or I don't mention her at all; or I make a fleeting reference to her. And I can confirm that it's one of those three things. Primarily, this show is not about Belinda Carlisle.

Presumably she will be blissfully unaware of a comedy show going on in her name?
Belinda Carlisle herself has actually been made aware of the show. Someone completely grassed me up on social media; they just tweeted her a link to my show saying 'have you seen this?' And I thought 'why have they done that?' And she said, 'yeah, I'm just hearing about it now'. I haven't heard anything since.

Are there any potential legal ramifications?
I imagine the only thing legally was that I wouldn't be able to perform any of her hits during the show. But that's unlikely. The show would have to take a really bad turn for me to start filling for time with 'Heaven is a Place on Earth'. She's got at least three quality numbers … I'll be honest, this is probably the most I've spoken about Belinda Carlisle ever …

That's a shame because I have another five questions about her …
No that's fine, I've done my research on her. People have asked me, 'what will you do if she turns up to the show?' If I'm at the door thanking people for coming, I didn't think I entirely would recognise her. But having done some more research on her face, she does have very distinctive features. I'm hoping she comes to the show, though I think she would be disappointed that it doesn't really cover her life or back catalogue.

OK, enough about Belinda Carlisle. Like Glengarry Glenn Glenn, is The Very Best of Belinda Carlisle set in Hurstpierpoint?
No, it's set in another little West Sussex village nearby called Ditchling where my grandfather lives. On this occasion, the show is about me living with him as opposed to me living with my parents, and it's also about solving a mystery because someone went missing there.

Are you a fan of unsolved mysteries generally?
I really wanted to do a show about someone going missing in a time that pre-dated the internet where you pick up information from speaking to people in the town, in this old-fashioned Poirot sort of way as opposed to just on the computer. My controversial theory is that if you got caught committing a murder 400 years ago, you must have been really stupid. All I'll say with this mystery is that I didn't solve it when I was 15 and half of the how is about that process but I did have to move back in with my grandad last Christmas and so it's about me following my dreams 13 years later and trying to solve it once and for all. And that's as far as I can say.

2012 was a successful year for you …
… 2012?

Yes, what with you being in the So You Think You're Funny final in Edinburgh and winning King Gong at Manchester's Comedy Store …
Sorry, when you said I had a lot of success in 2012 all I could think of was the Olympics. But no, my hammer toss went spectacularly badly. It was certainly a nice year because I hadn't really done a great deal of stand-up until that point. From then it gave me the confidence to move away from where I was living and give stand-up a proper go.

A quick thing on your new Thünderbards show: how do you pronounce '4nd'?
It should either be pronounced 4nd [said like fawned] or 4nd [said like ferned]. It looks like 'second', so you have to just go with it being like 'fournd'. We don't actually say it in the show; we thought we'd let audience members say it how they want. Of course, the pronunciation of Thünderbards is quite contentious itself because of the umlaut. We've gone with not pronouncing it properly because the actual process of doing that involves a risk of unhinging your jaw to get the full sound out.

Glenn Moore: The Very Best of Belinda Carlisle, Just the Tonic at The Tron, 3–27 Aug (not 14), 6.20pm, £5 or Pay What You Want at the venue.
Thünderbards: 4nd, Gilded Balloon Teviot, 5–27 Aug, 3.15pm, £10–£12 (£9–£11). Previews 2–4 Aug, £8.

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