Dominic Holland – 'This was more of a shafting than an outshining'

This article is from 2017

Dominic Holland – 'This was more of a shafting than an outshining'

Former Fringe favourite and father to the new Spider-Man returns to Edinburgh with a tale of familial rivalry

Writer and comedian Dominic Holland was darling of the Fringe one quarter of a century ago. Massive fame seemed inevitable. But now, his little boy (an actor called Tom who just so happens to be Spider-Man) may well have eclipsed his old man. Below, Papa Holland looks at his own life and that of four other family rivalries where the seemingly lesser light eventually outpaced their relative

Dominic and Tom Holland
My story is comic because I've spent vast amounts of effort trying to become a Hollywood screenwriter, and made no direct effort on making my son a movie actor. Compare and contrast the different results …

William and Harry Windsor
This is a little unfair because William has the pressure of being the future King with Harry given free rei(g)n to live life large. Harry also has hair and during a time when ginger has somehow become cool.

David and Ed Miliband
This was more of a shafting than an outshining but at what cost? Not just to their family Christmases but also to the Labour Party. Albeit, Ed did open the door to messrs Corbyn and McDonnell (two firm admirers of communism) and as the cliché goes, be careful what you wish for because if they do get power, and history is anything to go …

Frank and Frank Lampard
Frank Snr was a solid professional football player with a career all little kids would dream of: capped by his country and a firm favourite at West Ham United, he made over 550 appearances in top-flight football. Follow that son! His son Frank did, rather easily as things turned out.

Leopold and Wolfgang Mozart
Born in 1719, Leopold was a violinist and composer of some success and reputation. In 1756, he became father to a son called Wolfgang and quickly, Leopold's life was completely irrelevant. Harsh but true!

Dominic Holland: Eclipsed, Voodoo Rooms, 5–27 Aug (not 8 & 9), 4.40pm, free.

Dominic Holland Eclipsed – Free

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Dominic Holland Been over a decade since this multi-award winning comedian played the fringe. Returning with his hilarious update on family life but with an added twist that comes courtesy of having a superhero for a son. Turns out Spider-Man does have a dad after all and he's much funnier than Uncle Ben! 'A master of…