David Trent – 'It should have been marketed as an instant tantrum'

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David Trent – 'It should have been marketed as an instant tantrum'

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As the multimedia comedian heads for the Edinburgh Fringe, he picks his five favourite bits of tech from the movies

Ex-primary school teacher and member of Nick Helm's band, David Trent was nominated as Best Newcomer for his 2012 Edinburgh show, Spontaneous Comedian. He's back with more of the multimedia gear that resulted in him being dubbed as 'TV Burp meets Brass Eye', and here he muses on the bits of tech in some of his favourite films...


For my seventh birthday my parents got me a 'lightsaber'. It was a fluorescent lightbulb in a tube. It should have been marketed as an instant tantrum. A whole generation of adults live their lives in the shadow of depression caused by never being able to own a lightsaber. To this day I deeply resent every commercially available lightsaber. Fuck you Lucas.

Back To The Future car

Like the lightsaber, it was an ache to know that this car will never exist and that I'll never have the chance to narrowly avoid getting off with my own mum when she was fit.

Everything in Total Recall

A shocking orgy of technology, every couple of minutes something else blows your mind. What I love most about this is the detail in the background, which is all coming true. Last Friday, queuing in a petrol station idly regarding a digital display showing news headlines, a tracker underneath monitoring how the traffic was in Cambridge, I felt like I was in a late 80s Verhoeven movie. Then I went home, discovered my wife was spying on me, shot her dead, flew to Mars, met a lady with three tits and saved the universe.


In They Live, a muscle man puts on these glasses which strip the world of its signifiers and reveals true reality. I want a pair of these glasses so I can hide my eyes when I'm staring at people on the beach.

Ava from Ex Machina

If I am going to be destroyed by a robot, then I want it to be a horny two-faced robot that I can have empty sex-dance experiences with before it slams me into an armoured glass wall crushing every bone in my body.

David Trent: Here's Your Future, Just the Tonic at The Caves, Edinburgh, 3–26 Aug (not 14), 10.35pm, £5 or Pay What You Want.

David Trent: Here's Your Future

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