Festival City # 1 | Edinburgh Fringe preview 2017

This article is from 2017

Festival City Podcast

The return of The List's festival podcast, previewing picks including: Sara Pascoe, Steen Raskopoulos, Sleeping Trees, Nothing Ever Happens Here

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In the first episode of the Festival City Podcast, host Gareth K Vile speaks to three of the List's roving reporters: music editor Kirstyn Smith, Deputy Content Manager Murray Robertson and Content Manager Rowena McIntosh. Offering a selection of choices from the digital, musical, comedy and theatre sections of the Fringe – and beyond – the podcast eases into the Festival month with a selection of interludes from cello maestro Peter Hudler.

Festival recommendations:
Rowena: Sleeping Trees at the Movies, Courtney Act, Performers
Kirstyn: Richard Herring, Nothing Ever Happens Here, Pictish Trail, Charlotte Church's Late Night Pop Dungeon, Dark Side of the Moon
Murray: Adam Riches, Sara Pascoe, Steen Raskopoulos

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Music: Lamentatio (Giovanni Sollima) and Black Run (Svante Henryson)

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Festival City Podcast is co-created by Gareth K Vile (host) and Scott Henderson (producer). Intro music by The Joy Drops. Supported by SGSAH.

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Viennese cellist Peter Hudler presents a show with a mix of styles and genres.