Fern Brady – 'I'm trying to be less inward-looking this year'

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Fern Brady – 'I'm trying to be less inward-looking this year'

Bathgate-born stand-up Fern Brady brings us a new show, Suffer, Fools!

Fern Brady is back at the Edinburgh Fringe with her third solo hour after gigging around Europe for the Viceland TV show Brexit Stage Left. August is also the month when she releases her debut comedy album. Here, she chats about travelling, Europe and almost being chucked out of a hotel...

Apparently your show is called Suffer, Fools! because, like your gran, you don't
I'm interested in whether people cause their own suffering a lot of the time, about the nature of suffering and how loads of my problems are usually self-inflicted. There's a storytelling bit about me making a fool of myself, but I'm trying to be less inward-looking this year.

Has Brexit Stage Left tempered your hatred of travelling?
There's a big thing amongst comedians that you have to be humble all the time and you can't be too smug. That trip was the greatest job I've ever had. We got paid to go on holiday and we were in luxury five-star hotels. Sean McLoughlin and I nearly didn't get back into our hotel one night because they thought we'd walked in off the street. But you can't go on the programme and say 'I've reached peak happiness in life'; the director needed the angle of me saying I hated holidays. It was amazing though. Copenhagen was the best gig I've ever done.

I got the impression Europeans don't care about Brexit …
Yeah, they don't. We got asked about it every day of filming and I was just like, 'I don't care either, I want to move to America'.

You recorded your album for US label Comedy Dynamics. Are you planning to tour Stateside?
I've got a new agent and he's good for taking people over there. My brother just moved to Seattle so I'm going to visit him and do some gigs. I want to go to New Zealand and Australia. And I'm going to do more European shows because the audiences were just so cool, they really listened.

Fern Brady: Suffer, Fools!, The Stand II, 4–27 Aug (not 3, 14 & 15), 12.05pm, £10 (£9). Preview 2 Aug, £9 (£8). Her debut album is released by Comedy Dynamics on 8 Aug.

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