Big Fat Bribe: where we receive a piñata full of sex toys

This article is from 2017

Big Fat Bribe: where we receive a piñata full of sex toys

And get the most enjoyment from a wind up willy

Traditionally a piñata is a papier-mâché container creatively decorated with colourful tassels and filled with small toys or sweets. Although the piñata which appeared in our office on a gloomy Monday morning met most of the criteria above, it bent the rules slightly – using nipple tassels instead of decorative ones and sex toys rather than sweeties.

This wonderful bondage unicorn piñata was sent to us from the Smut Slam Cabaret, who instructed us to 'find the hole and gently spread wider' to release the goodies, rather than the conventional method of breaking it as part of a celebration. If you want to see some of the finest filth on the Fringe, head to Sweet Grassmarket from Fri 4–Thu 24 Aug where Cameryn Moore hosts the show and dishes out some saucy prizes from their sponsors Luke & Jack and Njoy toys.

The raunchy piñata gave us a good giggle and was a definite ice breaker, but we were happy when Katie Kopajtic sent us a more angelic bribe of show-themed emoji stickers, an iron-on patch and a photocopy of a note from Amy Poehler. The joke ideas were apparently scribbled down by Poehler before performing at Glamour's These Girls event in 2012, and the note has remained on Katie's fridge ever since, helping to inspire her material. Catch Confessions of a Personal Trainer at Greenside @ Infirmary Street from Fri 4–Wed 26 Aug to get an insight into the luxury fitness world.

The third bribe of the week came from EGTG's show Beauty, written and directed by Claire Wood. A signed mirror by 'Ty Jackson' accompanied by a show flyer came through the post. As intriguing as it was – with no further information or explanation – we're short of mirrors in the office, so thank you, Beauty for aiding our vanity. To watch this fast-paced new play about art, celebrity and censorship, visit the Royal Scots Club from Fri 7–Wed 12 Aug.

If you're performing in the Fringe and have been inspired to send us something in exchange for coverage, then please do. Nothing gross, financial or too sexual, let's keep it clean.

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Smut Slam Cabaret

Raw stories based on real experiences, created by touring artist and professional potty-mouth Cameryn Moore. Expect sex-positive storytelling and an open space where audiences can share their own stories.


A play from EGTG about art, celebrity and censorship.

Confessions of a Personal Trainer

Katie Kopajtic presents a behind the scenes look at the luxury fitness world.