Pester & Rossi's Lunarnova Campout – 'We hope that everyone has the best night of their lives'

This article is from 2017

Pester & Rossi's Lunarnova Campout - 'We hope that everyone has the best night of their lives'

credit: Jupiter Artland

The Glasgow-based artist duo are setting up a highly collaborative overnight camp at Jupiter Artland

The grounds of Jupiter Artland are the setting for a night to remember as Ruby Pester and Nadia Rossi's Lunarnova Campout pitches up. This one-off event will take place from dusk to dawn, with live actions exploring 'nocturnal ritual and notions of destruction and renewal' popping up across the full expanse of the West Lothian sculpture park.

As the duo explain via email, 'we had both recently been reading Rebecca Solnit's book Hope in the Dark and thinking about how we'd like to produce an artwork or event based on ideas of finding hope in the dark, finding ways to embrace and celebrate the "unknown" and the "unknowable" together.'

Pester and Rossi have been working in collaboration since they graduated from Dundee's Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in 2008. They create 'live works that challenge conventional perceptions of the everyday' and often team up with local arts, education and community organisations. This collaborative spirit underpins their approach to the Lunarnova Campout. 'We've invited collectives of artists, musicians and friends to respond and play with these ideas to create a series of actions with us.'

Invited acts include the 'crypto conceptual science-fiction anti-climax band' Asparagus Piss Raindrop, and 'a Glasgow-based DIY punk / weirdo siphonophore' Fallopé & the Tubes, a group that includes Pester and Rossi. 'We couldn't pull this one off without our witch sisters, the Tubes. We'll be spending quality time together at Jupiter to plan some collective magic for sunset and sunrise.'

The duo have also thrown previous collaborators into the mix, including Jarsdell Solutions Ltd, who create 'performative durational solutions to practical problems', and the Haunted Actors Guild, a performance trio based between Dundee and Glasgow that Pester and Rossi worked alongside at Glasgow's Poetry Club. Also popping in are G.O.D.S (Glasgow Open Dance School): 'we wanted a group who would loosen us all up and get us moving, and we knew the friendly faces of G.O.D.S could help us out. We've invited these collectives of artists, musicians and friends as we love what they're all doing. Each group work with a similar DIY collaborative approach to ourselves, but in many different ways and all in good humour. We felt each one would bring a different magic to the campout, all working site-specifically and crossing disciplines of dance, movement, music, theatre and visual arts.'

The live elements of the work will be site-specific taking place in scenes throughout the grounds of Jupiter Artland. The woodlands, the stonehouse, the water, the fire pit and The Divine Heart Centre (a glow-in-the-dark sculpture, stage set and social space created especially for the event) will all become venues for performances throughout the evening, with attendees free to roam wherever they wish.

'We have quite a busy night ahead: at 8pm people will have time to set up their tents and eat a hot meal. The first act will start at 9pm with a welcoming ceremony to the moon, and actions will continue until midnight when The Divine Heart Centre dance party will kick off and continue until 2am,' explain the duo. 'Then, between 2am and 6am people can rest, relax, wander the grounds or keep warm around the fire. Around 6am Fallopé & the Tubes will perform a salutation to the sun followed by a morning yoga class with Jupiter Artland's on-site yogi, and then breakfast rolls until 8am. Namaste.'

Pester and Rossi's hopes for the evening are wide-ranging. 'We hope that everyone has the best night of their lives and has a blast cutting loose close with Mother Nature. We hope that everyone has a laugh, does some wild dancing and meets some incredible fellow human beings. We hope that the stars align and everyone collectively finds some wee burning ball of hope in the dark during these uncertain times. And, at least, we hope there will be some decent grub and it's not raining.'

Pester & Rossi: Lunarnova Campout, Jupiter Artland, Bonnington House Steadings, Wilkieston, 26 Aug, 8pm–8am, £30 for adults (£27 for members), £20 for children (£18 for members), £80 family tickets (£72 for members).

Pester & Rossi: Lunarnova Campout

Camp overnight in the park with Pester & Rossi, in an event focused on finding hope in the dark. Food is provided but you will need to bring your own tent.