Big Fat Bribe Blog: creepy masks and a willy box

This article is from 2017

Big Fat Bribe Blog: creepy masks and a willy box

Peter Michael Marino's Big Fat Bribe

Where we receive brown paper bags to stick over our heads, David Bowie memorabilia and instructions to name a penis

Bribe deliveries always have the office on tenterhooks. We blame the acts who, in previous years, have sent us a lead pipe, a stinky sweaty cheese house and a very graphic latex vagina. But, maybe we should be thanking them. Now, we don't even blink an eye when a model penis comes in the post or if we see a colleague wandering around with a brown paper bag over their head. It's summer, it's bribe time and as far as we're concerned, anything goes in the run up to the Fringe.

Thankfully, our first bribes have been nothing too outrageous. Anyone remember two years ago when we were graced with 'Hugh Jackman's' pit-stained t-shirt along with fake eyelashes that were once glued to the eyelid of 'Liza Minelli'? That was all thanks to Peter Michael Marino, who's back at the Fringe this year with Show Up – an improvised one-man comedy show which discusses social anxiety and the 'shite' lives of the audience.

He bribed us with brown paper bags to wear over our heads while socialising at the Fringe, as apparently we look socially awkward at parties. We're pretty sure that's more of an insult than an act of bribery, but we'll let it slide because we're a laid back bunch who'll wear our brown bags with pride. His show is on at The Counting House, Thu 3–Sun 27 Aug at 3.30pm.

As entertaining as it was scaring colleagues with brown paper bags, we were pleased when From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads sent us another mask bribe, this time featuring David Bowie's face. Accompanied by a USB stick recording stating details of the show (Pleasance Courtyard, Wed 2–Mon 28 Aug, 1.55pm), a fake credit card and some lightning bolt earrings, we feel ready to fangirl on the front row.

Big Fat Bribe Blog: creepy masks and a willy box

The naughtiest was saved till last; stuffed tights artistically shaped into a penis by Christine Holt, the lady behind Domesticated. Her show's about 'private thoughts and private parts with rebellious acts of vaudeville.' Her character, Mittens instructed us to name the model penis (suggestions welcome) before throwing it on stage during the show. If you're curious enough to find out her intentions with stuffed genitals, head to Paradise in the Vault, Fri 4 Aug–Sat 19 Aug (not Sun 13), at 6.25pm.

Big Fat Bribe Blog: creepy masks and a willy box

If you're performing in the Fringe and have been inspired to send us something in exchange for coverage, then please do. Nothing gross, financial or too sexual, let's keep it clean.

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