Edinburgh International Film Festival short film highlights

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  • 10 June 2008

This article is from 2008

Shoot First pick best of the EIFF shorts

Edinburgh-based short film organisation Shoot First pick out their highlights from the Edinburgh International Film Festival short film programme.

International Shorts: Child Proof (19 & 20 June)

Definitely NOT suitable for kids. The five films in this programme offer a refreshing and foul-mouthed corrective to the cliché, with zombie-slaying kids grown old before their time and introverted loners suffering arrested development.
Price: £6.50 (£5.20 concs)

International Shorts: Idle Hands (24 & 28 June)

From Australia, France, Israel and turkey, a quartet of films about men whose lives are governed by the jobs they do, have done or dream of doing. Stunning camerawork and performances are in abundance.
Price: £6.50 (£5.20 concs)

International Shorts: Love Bites (20 & 23 June)

From across the globe come five films about the bitter aftertaste of love. By turns comic and tragic, this programme is not recommended for first dates.
Price: £6.50 (£5.20 concs)

International Shorts: Mexico (21 & 27 June)

We have brought together the hottest new talents from Mexico for your viewing pleasure proving that the future of Mexican cinema is in good hands. In these seven films everything changes yet everything stays the same.
Price: £6.50 (£5.20 concs)

Scottish Short Film Showcase (27 June)

Fresh from their successful gallery, festival and award screenings elsewhere in the UK, we’re delighted to showcase four unique films from talents based in Scotland.
Price: £6.50 (£5.20 concs)

Trailblazing Shorts (23 June)

Glimpse the future, with our showcase of the hottest new filmmaking talent. The EIFF presents a dynamic showcase of film work from the UK’s seven Skillset Screen Academies, featuring the work of our 2008 Trailblazers.
Price: £6.50 (£5.20 concs)

UK Shorts

Seven brand new British films linked only by their independence of vision, confounding of expectations and inventive approach to storytelling, all are in competition for the Best British Short Film Award.
Price: £6.50 (£5.20 concs)

UKFC Completion Fund Shorts

For the fifth year running, EIFF hosts the premiere of the UK Film Council’s New Cinema Fund’s Completion Fund shorts. A programme of eclectic shorts, made by entrepreneurial filmmaking talent and managed and delivered by Maya Vision International.
Price: £6.50 (£5.20 concs)

EIFF Information

The 62nd Edinburgh International Film Festival runs beween 18 - 29 June 2008

For more information visit www.edfilmfest.org.uk