Mimes in Time (4 stars)

This article is from 2016

Mimes in Time

Two physical theatre practitioners attempt to find meaning in an infinite existence

Mimes in Time is a comedy double act set in a world where mimes have become the sole operators of time machines, and dedicate their life to creating the perfect timeline, free of wars and dictators. This plan is however cut short, leading to mayhem, slapstick and comedic nonsense.

Paul and Terry are mimes who don't like each other very much but are forced to work together after they spill tea on their time machine. They face a world where time loses all meaning and each of their attempts to save humanity – killing Hitler, saving John Lennon – only succeeds in creating an infinity of sharply written, absurd timelines.

The show is very fast paced and high-energy, to the point that it is difficult to keep up with the endless storylines and secondary characters. The duo's high energy also occasionally overshadows the sharp comic writing, although their delivery and acting skills remain excellent throughout the whole show.

Mimes in Time is light-hearted and hugely entertaining comedy – no miming here but a very quick succession of jokes and wordplays. The two actors successfully use a minimalist set to create a world of possibilities and clever, nonsense humour.

Underbelly, Cowgate, run ended.

Mimes in Time

  • 4 stars

Dreamgun In the future, mimes are no longer physical theatre practitioners and have become the sole operators of the world's time machines. After a spilt cup of tea causes their mime time machine to explode, two mimes become trapped above the fourth dimension, existing everywhere and everywhen as their consciousness is…