Agent of Influence: The Secret Life of Pamela More (4 stars)

This article is from 2016

Mimes in Time

A one-woman play about a fashion columnist becoming a spy during WW2

Agent of Influence is a one-woman play set in pre-WW2 London and that follows Lady Pamela More, fashion columnist and socialite. Against all odds, Lady Pamela is recruited by MI5 to keep notes on Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, his American socialite girlfriend, both suspected to be colluding with the German Embassy.

Lady Pamela has little interest in politics but soon discovers she cares more than she thought about justice and what is happening in the rest of Europe. Rebecca Dunn does a stellar job at bringing to life the snooty, witty Pamela and her change of heart.

Dunn also plays the roles of many secondary characters and narrator. Although her flawless delivery and convincing impersonations are gripping from the very first minute, the narration to acting ratio is such that the play occasionally borders on audiobook territory. So much story telling unfortunately overshadows the brilliantly written main character, and slows down an otherwise fast pace.

Dunn's phenomenal acting skills still make for a strong and entertaining show, especially when combined with the fantastic writing. The parallels with the current political situation in Europe are obvious but subtly acknowledged, and a powerful, emotional conclusion very nicely wraps up an otherwise action-packed storyline.

Underbelly, Cowgate, run ended.

Agent of Influence: The Secret Life of Pamela More

  • 4 stars

Fluff Productions 'Mid-calf, navy blue day dress with pearl buttons by Victor Stiebel. Dove grey tweed jacket and fox stole by House of Hartnell. Hat by Elsa Schiaparelli. Perfect for luncheons, jaunts around town and spying on fascists'. Lady Pamela, fashion columnist and socialite, is recruited by MI5 to keep notes on…