At the Fringe # 13 | Fringe finale

It's our last episode, featuring Denton and Me, Who is Tahirih, and The List's staff favourite Fringe moments


This article is from 2016.

At the Fringe # 13 | Fringe finale

Denton and Me

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It's over and done with, it's over and done with. That's it folks, another August, another Fringe wrapped up. The Circus tent is long gone, the purple cow has been sent out to pasture and the menagerie of artists, comedians and clowns from around the world have packed their bags and vacated their AirBnB rentals. Edinburgh, meanwhile, has broken out into a full Indian summer as if in celebration. But here at List HQ we still have one final episode of At the Fringe to share with you. We hope you've enjoyed these interviews from the festival, please email us and tell us you thoughts. In the meantime, enjoy episode 13 with guests including writer Sam Rowe discussing his play Denton and Me, as well as Delia Olam and Joanne Hartstone of the wonderfully titled Just let the Wind Untie My Perfumed Hair, or Who is Tahirih?. And finally, The List staff share their favourite Fringe moments with host Gareth K Vile. See you in 2017.

Show notes
00:00:32 – Sam Rowe (Denton and Me)
00:12:25 – Music: 'Rough With the Smooth', Mairi Campbell from Pulse
00:13:25 – Delia Olam and Joanne Hartstone (Just let the Wind Untie My Perfumed Hair, or Who is Tahirih?)
00:25:45 – Music: 'Come Back to Me', Mairi Campbell from Pulse
00:27:00 – Fringe highlights from The List staff
00:29:24 – Credits and thanks

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Denton and Me

  • 4 stars

Sam Rowe and Macrobert Arts Centre in association with Showroom 1944: Fastidious diarist Denton Welch writes with astonishing honesty about his obsession for reckless land boy Eric. 2011: A young writer is given the diaries by a family friend and discovers echoes of his own life within. This multi-layered, stunningly…

Just Let the Wind Untie My Perfumed Hair… or Who Is Tahirih?

  • 4 stars

Joanne Hartstone Experience the shocking, beautiful true story of Tahirih, a Persian poetess and the first female suffrage martyr. Captivating theatre starring Delia Olam, heightened by evocative live music. Using Tahirih's original poetry penned before her execution in 1852, Olam embodies other key players in this…


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