At the Fringe # 12 | Triple Threat and Diary of a Madman

This article is from 2016

At the Fringe # 12 | Triple Threat and Diary of a Madman

Triple Threat

A show about fame and a drama about madness, echoes how we all feel as the festival closes

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Joining Theatre Editor Gareth K Vile for episode 12 is rising star Lucy McCormick to discuss her latest work, Triple Threat, and show that melds the New Testament with pop culture as it explores fame-chasing. C Venues press officer Jacana Bresson picks out five of her favourite performances at the Fringe, and finally director Bruno Dalrou and actor Antoine Robinet discuss the nuances of performing their adaptation of Diary of a Madman in English rather than French.

Show notes
00:00:32 – Lucy McCormick (Triple Threat)
00:12:00 – Music from The Banjo Lounge 4
00:13:31 – Fringe picks Jacana Bresson: Two Man Show, Hot Brown Honey, Every Wild Beast, A Good Clean Heart, Counting Sheep
00:21:57 – Bruno Dalrou and Antoine Robinet (Diary of a Madman)
00:31:43 – Credits and thanks

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