Unseen (3 stars)

This article is from 2016


Two-woman drama exploring the female experience of homelessness

Unseen looks to the often invisible members of society: the homeless. This two-person drama follows the blossoming friendship between young woman Holly (Ashley McLean), who lives on the streets, and Maria (Lara Fabiani), who she once met on a recruitment course. After a chance encounter, Maria is determined to understand Holly's situation, asking the questions many of us have about how a young person ends up homeless.

The play doesn't shy away from the harsher realities of life on the streets, particularly as a female (having a period without sanitary products, the fear of rape). However, the script feels forced in places, with issues wedged in rather than fully explored. There are allusions to Maria being unhappy in her own life but it is a plot line that isn't realised and her character remains underdeveloped.

The pair's breaks in dialogue to monologue their thoughts feel amateur in style and could benefit from some more creative direction. It is the acting, however, that raises Unseen – McLean demonstrates great comic timing and has perfected the mannerisms and vocal patterns of Holly, twitching and awkward to begin with, settling as the pair become friends, while Fabiani is measured in her touching portrayal of an individual desperate to help but feeling powerless.

Spotlites, 240 5047, until 28 Aug, 7.35pm, £7 (£5).


  • 3 stars

Intimate play by Ashley McLean about a woman who, suddenly made homeless, has to try to regain her old life.