Siân and Zoë's Luxury Cruise Through the Horrifying Vacuum of Space (2 stars)

This article is from 2016

Siân and Zoë's Luxury Cruise Through the Horrifying Vacuum of Space

A vacuum of space envelops an empty hour of comedy

Amid all the frequent jokes about Brexit and shows on mental health, one other theme has gently poked through this Fringe comedy season: surreal shows about outer space which are just not flying. After the less than glorious intergalactic-based affairs from Matthew Highton and Matt Winning, we're welcomed into the unstable and garish universe of Siân Docksey ('hipster zebra') and Zoë Tomalin ('angry candy floss').

The pair do have a quirky charm and an offbeat chemistry that trickles between them, but there's just not enough in the way of intriguing ideas to elevate this from the decidedly average. As they travel untethered through the void, there's a spot of awkward audience participation before a blue-masked extra-terrestrial performs some stand-up that is simultaneously incomprehensible to humans and offensive to aliens. There might be a clever metaphor for the modern world of live comedy wrapped up in all this, but it's hard to pick your way through to it amid all the talk of milkleg (football), hitting mints with a hammer, and licking Seinfeld DVDs. By the time this whole mess is wound up, comedy has become a notion that is far, far away.

Just the Tonic at the Community Project, run ended.

Siân and Zoë’s Luxury Cruise Through the Horrifying Vacuum of Space

  • 2 stars

Siân and Zoë Alternative comedy duo Siân and Zoë are taking a ship (theatre) full of lucky cosmonauts on a relaxing mindfulness retreat. There’s just one problem: it’s in the horrifying vacuum of space. The ship is also on course for the sun. Okay, two problems. Between them, Siân and Zoë have had a cameo on Charlie…