Canon Warriors (3 stars)

This article is from 2016

Canon Warriors

A low-key and honest depiction of off-grid living and a relationship in disrepair

Punch (Livi Dunlop) and Fleur (Imogen Allen) are squatting in a beachside hut in Thanet. Fleur is harried and worried about the future, trying to balance the responsibilities of her part-time teaching assistant job with concerns for their food and water situation; Punch is less focused on practical matters, preferring to prepare for their next gig as Thanet's foremost feminist puppeteers while channelling most of her and Fleur's interactions through Sid and Dog, their glove puppets. An unwelcome intervention from council representative Aidan (Matthew Stone) puts pressure on their relationship.

Both Punch and Fleur are well-drawn and believable, though which one you feel more sympathetic towards will depend on your feelings towards 'free-spirited' – or alternatively, militantly immature – hippies (no prizes for guessing which way this reviewer leans). Hannah Greenstreet's script is less generous to bumbling bureaucrat Aidan, something of a caricature of the compromised idealist-turned-cog in the machine. The production has a homely, disorganised clutter that speaks convincingly of both living off-grid and maintaining a relationship that's falling into disrepair.

Low-key and honest, Canon Warriors won't set your world alight, but it'll ring true for anyone who's found themselves in a rut and found a hard shove was the only thing to get them moving.

Paradise in The Vault, until 28 Aug, 5.35pm, £7 (£5).

Canon Warriors

  • 3 stars

Experimental Theatre Club A new play about Punch and Fleur, the premier feminist puppeteers in Thanet. Well, they’re the only feminist puppeteers in Thanet. Living in a beach hut in November is tough. It leads to wearing many layers, fetching water from the public toilets, and getting banned from M&S for shoplifting.