Rahul Kohli: Newcastle Brown Male (3 stars)

This article is from 2016

Rahul Kohli: Newcastle Brown Male

A jovial and genial hour with a number of irritating flaws

Is there such a thing as a miserable Geordie comedian? Gavin Webster and Seymour Mace have attempted to inject a bit of downbeat humour into their acts, but in the main, the north-east of England stage persona is of being happy as Larry: or at least as jolly as Jason Cook, Chris Ramsey, Sarah Millican and Ross Noble. Rahul Kohli is cut from that same jovial cloth, chatting to his crowd so he can make sure he's doing relatable comedy. That's an irritatingly disingenuous claim which suggests that had he faced a room full of zookeepers, Kohli would have ditched the show he'd been preparing for months to perform all his animal jokes.

Once he gets going, his club-set vibe is stretched to include a whole heap of material about politicians, admirably digging out gags on Clinton and Trump's running mates, less admirably stating facts such as 'Gordon Brown is regarded as being one of the finest Prime Ministers we've had in this country', and wrongly stating that Blair won just two general elections. For every nice line about baptism being akin to waterboarding, there's a near decade-late gag about John Smeaton and a burning terrorist. Allied to his natural laid-back charm and genial wit, Rahul Kohli could employ a script editor to his cause.

The Stand 4, until 28 Aug, 9.25pm, £8 (£7).

Rahul Kohli: Newcastle Brown Male

  • 3 stars

Rahul Kohli One Geordie specialising in comedy on current affairs and the world today. His jokes about society are as revolutionary as Russell Brand’s opinion on Kim Kardashian’s ass. You'll laugh, you'll learn, heck you might even orgasm. You won't orgasm. That'd be irrefutably insane, but now I guess you'll definitely…