Will Duggan: A Man Gathering Fish (3 stars)

This article is from 2016

Will Duggan: A Man Gathering Fish

credit: Duncan Elliott

A warm and chipper hour from a man happy with his current job

So, the grumpy man in the dog suit turns out to be a perfectly chipper bloke. Suppose that's what they call acting? One of the three Funz and Gamez guys to go solo this year, Will Duggan is here trying to do his bit for his home town. Having lived in the shadow of fellow local comic James Acaster for too long, he wants Kettering to be known for something more than just the reported source of the MRSA superbug.

The roots of A Man Gathering Fish comes from a painting of the same name in which the tiniest detail is of a chap doing exactly that. He feels as though his life and comedy might be a little bit like that: contributing to the world but not in a flashy or loud way.

While there are some dark moments in the show (Duggan has his own Savile story to retell while he now has an uncertain future with a health condition that threatens to change his life forever at any given moment), these are just bumps in the road on a journey towards lightness. He clearly loved his time as a teacher, but is very happy doing this job, thanks very much. Will Duggan might not be setting the comedy world on fire, but his lovely little show makes it a slightly warmer place to live in.

Pleasance Courtyard, until 28 Aug, 6.45pm, £8.50–£9.50 (£7.50–£8.50).

Will Duggan – A Man Gathering Fish

  • 3 stars

The comedian explores the nature of perfection and how nothing really is perfect.