Joel Dommett: Pretending to Smoke with a Breadstick (2 stars)

This article is from 2016

Joel Dommett: Pretending to Smoke with a Breadstick

An opportunity wasted to produce a corking show

There's a tricky balance to be made for comedians doing the Fringe. Is it important to simply be seen here as much as possible, or is it better to spend their August in Edinburgh only when they have a show that's been chiselled to within an inch of its life? By the end of Pretending to Smoke with a Breadstick, there's a strong whiff of a comic who was determined to be in Scotland for the month no matter what.

After calling time at just under the 50-minute mark after a show which featured, let's be frank, a fair smattering of filler material (the slow dancing to a guy in the front row, his elongated routine about people waking up in films, the whole laser-penis bit), you're talking about an hour that chimes in very close to 'not fit for purpose o'clock'.

All of which is a shame because the highly personable Joel Dommett had a potentially strong set at his disposal here about the nature of stand-up (is it all just a pack of lies?) and the dangers inherent with online dating. Instead, he opted to concentrate more on having a long green light emanating from his member.

Pleasance Courtyard, until 27 Aug, 6pm, £10–£12 (£9–£11).

Joel Dommett: Pretending to Smoke With a Breadstick

  • 2 stars

Off The Kerb Productions Joel, as a child, used to pretend to smoke with a breadstick. He is now addicted to breadsticks. Join Joel (Sky 1’s Bring the Noise, ITV2’s Reality Bites, BBC Three’s Russell Howard's Good News and Impractical Jokers) for an unmissable hour of stand-up. By ‘unmissable’ I mean you will be…