Jack Campbell: Boy Girl Brain (3 stars)

This article is from 2016

Jack Campbell: Boy Girl Brain

A fine hour with a talented comic who gives us gags and yarns

Jack Campbell takes to his stage and immediately insists that this is not one of those Edinburgh shows with a theme. All he's going to be doing is standing there for an hour and telling jokes. Perhaps he's a little queasy about stating he's got a grand theme for Boy Girl Brain (a title that means nothing, he insists, it just sounded good at the time), as the subject which emerges is not about having a dead dad or suffering an illness or being a one-legged tap dancer: for the majority of the show, he's discussing the fact that he's fallen in love and it could well be the best thing ever.

Sure, there are a heap of good jokes in here (he's more than likely got the best Sugababes gag at this year's Fringe) and his knockabout observations are acutely made (the section on 'laddy lads' and 'girly girls', for example, or the bit about how comedians hold their microphone) but the thrust of his show, concerning sex and relationships, definitely constitutes the standard Fringe requirements of a theme.

Noting that Starship Troopers was his introduction to sexuality, he is an avowed 'straightman' who argues that Christmas Eve is the best day to split up with a partner. Jack Campbell is an engaging stand-up to spend an hour with, whether he is telling jokes or spinning yarns.

Banshee Labyrinth, until 28 Aug, 2pm, free.

Boy Girl Brain

  • 3 stars

Jack Campbell / PBH's Free Fringe English Comedian of the Year 2014 Jack Campbell brings you his second stand-up show. It's still straightforward stand-up, saying silly things and telling tales. Regarded as one of the many rising stars of the British comedy scene, it should be a spiffing hour of entertainment. The title…