At the Fringe # 10 | Gutter trash rap in queer performance and how to get a unicorn on stage

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At the Fringe # 10 | Gutter trash rap in queer performance and how to get a unicorn on stage

credit: Michael Sharkey

Performer Paul Soileau reveals more about persona Christeene before Gaël Le Cornec and Ben Samuels talk refugee story The Other

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Once again Gareth K Vile struggles to keep up with the artists in our latest At the Fringe podcast: the performer behind Christeene, Paul Soileau, talks about the theatricality of queer performance and manages to make Vile stomp off when he mentions 'boring questions'. List CEO, Simon Dessain, picks five shows from across the festivals and writer / performer Gaël Le Cornec and director Ben Samuels talk directing writers and a unicorn role in stories of migration.

Show notes
00:00:34 – Paul Soileau talks about persona Christeene (Christeene: Trigger)
00:03:35 – Paul Soileau upsets critic and host Gareth K Vile's professional sensibilities
00:03:39 – Music from Christeene
00:06:45 – Producer Annie Coleman steps in to ask a question
00:09:56 – Music from Christeene
00:13:00 – Paul Soileau discusses reactions to queer performance
00:17:31 – Music from Christeene
00:18:49 – 'Big boss' Simon Dessain Fringe picks: Ahir Shah: Machines, São Paulo Symphony Orchestra, Counting Sheep, Jan Carson and Roderick Buchanan: Understanding versus Sympathy.
00:25:40 – Writer / performer Gaël Le Cornec and director Ben Samuels (The Other)
00:38:31 – Credits and thanks

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At the Fringe is co-created by Gareth K Vile (host) and Annie Kolemen (producer). Equipment supplied by Subcity Radio.

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