Archie Maddocks: Shirts Vs Skins (3 stars)

This article is from 2016

Archie Maddocks: Shirts Vs Skins

credit: Tom Leishman

This indecisive man leaves a few doubts behind about his set's overall quality

This is Archie Maddocks' third successive appearance at the Fringe, and he's swiftly developed an assured swagger to his delivery, even if the material doesn't always match the confident demeanour. First up here, he needs to set the record straight on the title of his show. Shirts Vs Skins has nothing to do with sporting endeavours as he admits to having never been much cop in that arena.

Instead it's to do with his mixed race heritage and the dilemmas he's faced which have often led to him feeling that he's being forced to take sides. Maddocks dubs himself a 'walking indecision' and has some amusing anecdotes about being tackled on his identity by an African-American while his seemingly random discussion about grapes and raisins may have had some over-arching metaphorical message hidden deep within it, but it was hard to tell.

For now, Maddocks feels like a comedian who is brimming with vigour from being a successful club act. Whether he can translate that in later years to becoming a firm favourite at the Fringe is another story.

Laughing Horse at Espionage, until 28 Aug, 9.15pm, free.

Archie Maddocks: Shirts Vs Skins

  • 3 stars

CatFace Talent This is the debut show of award-winning and fiendishly good-looking dynamo love guru genius superhero* Archie Maddocks. Being mixed race, he’s always felt a pressure to pick a team. Join him as he explores the crashing together of two separate worlds and where he fits in, or fits out (is that a thing?…