Call of Dudey (3 stars)

This article is from 2016

Call of Dudey

Bombast, bravado and bananas litter the stage in this boisterous debut

A mix of the inspired and insipid, Dude Looks Like a Lady's debut sketch hour has the air of glory but too many flat notes to truly soar. With a couple of their member rather obviously situated off-stage, coiled for action, the Dude quartet unleash a high-octane opening which sets the tone for an occasionally obvious, often awesome, selection of set-ups and routines.

All four performers take to their task with vigour amid a pumping soundtrack of 'War' and 'Two Tribes', and, well, you get the military picture. When they're not thinking about armed combat, they're sticking on fake 'taches to be beefcake men such as Jason Statham or creepy guys like the London underground's sleazy wannabe lothario. Meanwhile, the rude shop assistants' sequence will be a little too Fast Show for some tastes.

For all their bravado and bombast, it's the more subtle moments which reap better rewards. The woman who turns the tables on a cold caller, the toilet queue ahead of the Book of Mormon's second half, and the inappropriate consumption of a banana. OK, that last one might not be especially subtle, but in the Dude world, you have to grab the quieter delights where you can.

Just the Tonic at the Caves, until 28 Aug, 1.25pm, £7 (£6) or Pay What You Want.

Call of Dudey

  • 3 stars

Dude Looks Like A Lady The Dudes have a mission: to make you laugh. Hard. And they will stop at nothing. Winners of the Best Newcomer Award at Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival 2016, these four award-winning comics present a joyful hour of sketches that are surreal, topical and exuberantly silly. Expect dancing and false…