At the Fringe # 9 | Dive: the weirdest, queerest, best party in town

This article is from 2016

At the Fringe # 9 |Dive: the weirdest, queerest, best party in town

The minds behind the legendary cabaret night talk the 'lifeforce' that is Christeene and regret they didn't invite Alan Cumming

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Having recently had difficulty choosing which queer cabaret night to go to in Glasgow, Gareth K Vile moves out of his comfort zone for episode nine of At the Fringe to talk clubbing with Dive's two Annabels, arch dissectors of gender norms who like to throw a party. Ruxy Cantir, one of clowndom's rising Scottish stars, visits to share some cool tips from physical theatre and beyond. And in part three Olivier Ducas, artistic co-director of La Pire Espèce, discusses his anarchic puppetry adaptation of Ubu On the Table.

Show notes
00:00:32 – Miss Annabel Sings and Annabel (Dive: C U Next Tuesday Cabaret)
00:11:34 – Music from Christeene
00:12:53 – Ruxy Cantir Fringe picks: Only Bones, Pianist, Bird, La Poule Plombée, Teatro Delusio
00:20:10 – Oliver Ducas (Ubu on the Table)
00:31:31 – Credits and thanks

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