Jordan Brookes: The Making Of (3 stars)

This article is from 2016

Jordan Brookes: The Making Of

credit: Edward Moore

A refreshingly original hour of non-cohesive comedy

An unfortunate technical issue prior to the show leaves Jordan Brookes with nothing but a desk lamp for a spotlight. As the seats are filled, he informs each audience member of this state of affairs and proceeds to have a genuine, friendly natter with us before the real stuff starts. Once he's become well-acquainted with the audience, and very much in his own time, Brookes begins.

The Making Of jumps from one tale to the next within seconds and the lack of coherence is something that doesn't bother this Merseyside-born comedian in the slightest. One moment he's standing on the empty chairs amongst us talking through key moments of his past, and the next he's pulling unimaginable facial expressions in an attempt to 'find himself' again. Yet, for such a fast-paced show, there are a surprising number of extended silences. Although uncomfortable to begin with, once the room realises Brookes is fully in control, they know it won't be long before something truly hilarious breaks the ice once more.

This isn't a coherent hour and no one story is told, but that's exactly what makes Brookes so utterly brilliant. And, we'll brush past the fact he finished ten minutes early because his eccentric and free-spirited nature means this is one of the most refreshing and original hours on the Fringe.

Laughing Horse at the Cellar Monkey, until 28 Aug, 5pm, free.

Jordan Brookes: The Making Of

  • 3 stars

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