All The Things I Lied About (4 stars)

This article is from 2016.

All The Things I Lied About

Outstanding one-woman show exploring the act of lying

Lying is a part of life. Everybody does it, and anybody who tells you they don't is lying. Katie Bonna and Paul Jellis, in association with Soho Theatre, take a look at a 'post-truth society' and the consequences of distorting facts in this wonderful production that is both hilariously funny and deeply affecting.

The most obvious place to find lies, as Bonna explains, is in the romantic relationship. And sometimes one lie can be so destructive that it can destroy everything in its path and shape the lives of those most loved.

Although Bonna's premise occasionally leads to self-obsessive navel-gazing, her examination of deceit is compelling. Brutally honest and yet hysterically funny, her rigorous self-examination is ultimately hopeful and moving.

Bonna, an award winning actress and writer, is simply magnetic as the focus of attention. As she reveals her deepest self in all of her regrets and hopes, she evokes both sympathy and admiration in this revealing and truthful piece of theatre that is bound to move and amuse in equal measure.

Summerhall, until 28 Aug, 4.40pm, £12–£13 (£10–£11).

All the Things I Lied About

  • 4 stars

Katie Bonna and Paul Jellis in association with Soho Theatre Would the world be a better place if we were all honest? Fringe First winner Katie Bonna (Dirty Great Love Story) is giving a TED talk on the science of lying. Well, that’s not quite true. TED haven't actually asked her to do one – yet. From duping her sister…


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