SuZanna GonZo: Dark Lady (2 stars)

This article is from 2016

SuZanna GonZo: Dark Lady

Problems with clarity and comedy muffle this character show

SuZanna GonZo is a Dolly Parton-esque ex-cruise ship singer. I think. She talks so quickly in a Southern drawl that extensive and, presumably, important parts of the show are unclear. One thing that is apparent is that she likes to sing, and it seems we're gathered here today for a healing workshop. GonZo has developed her own form of therapy called 'Sing it Out' which manifests itself in a series of embarrassed audience members being invited onstage for a variety of nonsensical and crude reasons to sing their problems away.

In between these lead balloons, GonZo tells stories from her life, such as the time she had a baby which fell overboard from the ship she was working on, and one really uncomfortable Lena Dunham-style story about her mum.

It's this mixture of being mostly unintelligible and a roster of weak jokes that makes Dark Lady so unfunny. GonZo also has a habit of making strange noises for inordinate lengths of time, which interrupts any flow the show might have had and just irritates. The SuZanna GonZo character is poorly formed and her delivery needs work if it's ever going to take off.

Just the Tonic at the Mash House, until 27 Aug, 3pm, £10 (£5).

SuZanna GonZo: Dark Lady

  • 2 stars

Katie O'Brien SuZanna GonZo had to abandon cruise ship stardom after she almost murdered the man she had fallen deeply in lust with. She cast her net again, widely, and this time she captured special wisdoms to share with y’all. Join the Dark Lady on a spiritual journey using mysticism, sexualism and song. Are you ready…