Russ Peers: Bad Gay? (2 stars)

This article is from 2016

Russ Peers: Bad Gay?

credit: Ed Moore

A fairly banal set about celebs, acting and texts from your mum

Russ Peers is the classic example of a stand-up comic who is no doubt perfectly comfortable doing a 20-minute set or doing a spot of compering in a club. But in bringing a show to the Fringe, he's had to dig out double that figure with this over-reaching leaving him somewhat struggling. Endlessly chatting to anyone in the crowd who is keen to get involved, there are as many laughs generated from clever clogs among his throng than the material under Peers' control. And the encouraged interjections merely interrupt any momentum he might have been close to building.

Eminently likeable, Peers wonders whether he's a Bad Gay? but ultimately drowns in fairly banal material about the texts he gets from his mother, the obsession some people have with celebrity couplings and (can you believe) the unlikelihood of stacking a dishwasher to a picky partner's full satisfaction. Hitting a better mark are reflections on his early acting career (at school he was given the roles of Herod and Willy Wonka) and his sense of himself as being not obviously gay. Still, if you're going to get a TV personality to voice an intro for you (in this case Channel 4's Amanda Lamb), it's a good idea to give them something funny to say.

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Russ Peers: Bad Gay?

  • 2 stars

Russ Peers Is Russ Peers a bad gay? He's chunky, over 40, and knows more about pies than poppers. In his latest show Russ brings his biting wit to bear on society's expectations of what a gay man should be, how he should behave and who he should sleep with in what position. With cutting observations of the gay scene…