Looking Out for Linda (The Remix) (1 star)

This article is from 2016

Looking Out for Linda (The Remix)

A brutally unfunny set with characters that fail to connect

Perhaps it's a testament to Sam Savage's power as an actress, but around 15 minutes in, she transforms herself from the Essex housewife (Linda Larkin) who greeted us at the door, and into an American motivational speaker. Sadly, that moment of intrigue buckles under the realisation that there's barely a joke to be had in another flat section within a confusingly oblique character comedy show.

Initially making some lukewarm comments about the poor seating arrangements in the room and the clatter of noise from next door, Sam / Linda swerves from time to time towards an Abigail's Party vibe as her bland main character attempts banter with the crowd but fails to find any gems among her responses. But could this inability to be even remotely amusing be part of a convoluted and clever conceit?

You'll be too distracted to care as the other set of creations limp into view, mainly a poetry club featuring lovely Rachel who is desperate to please and nihilist Barry who looks desperate to chop things up. There was some talk before the festival of Linda having a strong ten minutes. On the basis of this longer show, anything that might have remained bordering on quality has been squeezed into oblivion.

Cowgatehead, until 27 Aug, 5.30pm, free.

Looking Out for Linda (The Remix)

  • 1 star

Sam Savage / PBH's Free Fringe Linda Larkin is the creation of comedian Sam Savage. She came about when Sam got bored of the sock puppet and invested in a wig. This show is unlike anything you’ve ever seen (if you've never seen anything). Linda is Guess Who champion 2015, owns a talking guinea pig and believes the world…