Chef: Come Dine With Us! (3 stars)

This article is from 2016

Chef: Come Dine With Us!

It would be churlish to dislike this noisy, knockabout Korean comedy with music about cookery sprinkled with audience participation

From the Koreans who brought us Cookin' and Jump comes this noisy, often manic and excessively crowd-pleasing slapstick comedy with music centred round food and competitive cookery. Some of it is really dumb and, to me, unfunny – although the majority of the audience is unlikely to agree.

Supported by two beatboxers who provide sound effects, a skilled and agreeable cast give cartoonishly broad performances as a pair of rival chefs and their four apprentices. The ensemble is completely at ease acting like prize goofballs, which no doubt is a reason they handle spots of audience participation – the best part of the show – so well.

Stand-outs at the performance I saw: a couple of strangers wonderfully embarrassed (her) and amused (him) to be meeting over a quasi-romantic Italian meal, and a strapping, bearded bloke whose game trepidation when coaxed by the Koreans into mimicking their barmy behaviour was priceless. They were less lucky with first one adolescent girl and then her only slightly less self-conscious mate but, pros that they are, still made it work.

Visually the sole scene of note is a clever, sushi-inspired cod underwater ballet using black light. A show to satisfy anyone hungry for a piece of rowdy, populist escapism.

Assembly George Square Theatre, until 29 Aug, 4pm, £12.50–14.50 (£10.50--£12.50).

Chef: Come Dine With Us!

  • 3 stars

Persona Inc. | Korean Season presented by AtoBiz Ltd. Perfect satisfaction for all theatre-loving foodies! Two chefs compete with each other to serve you a host of dishes for the eyes. Come and see the ultimate cooking show combined with jaw-dropping beatboxing and B-boying. Talented acrobatic performers with an excellent…