Matt Forde: It's My Political Party (And I'll Cry if I Want To) (4 stars)

A skilful hour of political observation and spot-on impressions


This article is from 2016.

Matt Forde: It's My Political Party (And I'll Cry if I Want To)

Like many acts, Matt Forde hastily rewrote his set after the EU referendum result and the ensuing omnishambles. He's done a very good job with the final draft of It's My Political Party to create a funny, comprehensive summary of where we are and how we got here, threaded with plenty of bang-on impressions. His skill lies in getting to the heart of an issue, cutting away the mess to explain convincingly not only why the Remain campaign failed, but also why, even though there was certainly racism in the Leave camp, it shouldn't be seen as purely a bigoted movement. He's an astute observer of both politics and manners, and his Gordon Brown mimic alone is a feat of endurance.

The modern curse for political comedy is that most jokes have been flogged to death on social media within hours of an event, yet Forde always finds his own extra twist. The strength of the show is packaging it all in an even-handed way for an audience who might have never heard of, say, Simon Danczuk or John Whittingdale. Which is perhaps why the weakest section is where he openly flies his own party colours, berating Jeremy Corbyn for dishonouring his office and comparing his leadership unfavourably to, of all people, William Hague.

Pleasance Courtyard, until 28 Aug, 3.50pm, £12–£14 (£10–£12).

Matt Forde: It's My Political Party (and I'll Cry if I Want to)

  • 4 stars

Politics jokes (which, to be fair, seem pretty easy these days) from Forde, former adviser to New Labour.


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