Adam Hess: Feathers (3 stars)

This article is from 2016

Adam Hess: Feathers

A cascade of fun with this hyperactive comedic brain

For many comedy acts this year, Brexit has been the catalyst for a huge rewriting of their 2016 Fringe show. In Adam Hess' case, the trigger for his trip back to the drawing board was the very late cancellation of his July nuptials. A sad personal event, of course, but ideal for comedy as he rips through an hour at breakneck pace, permanently threatening to actually start his show after veering off in hot pursuit of one seemingly unexpected off-shoot after another.

His main problem in life appears to be convincing his parents that his chosen vocation is worthwhile, and not, as his dad suggests, bringing shame upon the family name. And, given the history of their surname, that's quite a feat, as our Duracell-fuelled turn points out. 'I'm a bit out of breath,' exhales Hess at one point. His audience knows exactly what he means, as they are worn down (either with constant laughter or the sheer force of his stage nature), while he ploughs through a cascade of material, references and gags featuring bowling alleys, eating kiwi fruit and the pros and cons of having soft lips.

The comparisons with Mark Watson have been made before and are still relevant this time around and it can all get a bit wearying at times as you attempt to keep up with the nonsense that's pouring from his mouth. But Adam Hess is forging his own path with a scorched-earth stand-up policy that leaves few survivors in its wake.

Heroes at the Hive, until 28 Aug, 4.10pm, £6 or Pay What You Want.

Adam Hess: Feathers

  • 3 stars

Adam Hess / Heroes of Fringe (PWYW) After his Edinburgh Comedy award-nominated, sell-out debut show, Adam Hess, star of Live From the BBC, is back and he's cooler and taller than ever! ‘For good-quality gags per minute, there's no better comedian on the Fringe' (Independent). Buy A Ticket in Advance or Pay What You Want…