Daisy Earl: Scottish Comedian of the Year Winner 2015 (2 stars)

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Daisy Earl: Scottish Comedian of the Year Winner 2015

Award-winning newcomer lacks some polish

It's been an extraordinary few months for Daisy Earl. The Edinburgh-based comedian has been festooned with accolades culminating in her victory as Scottish Comedian of the Year in November. But from the strength of this show, it's difficult to see what all the fuss is about.

The half English / half Scottish performer gets off to a nice start with a collection of vignettes about her slightly overbearing mother, and she continues the warm-up by trying to make friends with members of the audience using deliberately inappropriate questions.

Lamenting her 'quarter life crisis' (at 28), she has an assortment of awkward sex stories which she produces to mixed effect. A routine about her short employment in a London PR company quickly runs dry as does some rather hackneyed stuff about self-diagnosing ailments on Facebook.

She's also badly served by the reverb from an amp which makes her intimate performance space sound like she's playing to the back of an arena. Earl is a sparky presence with a beautiful ear for accents but her material needs polish and it's a bit cheeky when she hurriedly wraps things up after less than 40 minutes.

Scottish Comedy Festival @ The Beehive Inn, until 28 Aug (not 23, 24), 6.50pm, £10–£14 (£8–£12).

Daisy Earl

  • 2 stars

Scottish Comedy Awards and Ha Ha Comedy Daisy is the hottest thing in Scottish comedy. She started the year being nominated for Best Newcomer in the Scottish Comedy Awards, then she won Best New Comedian at the Scottish Variety Awards and now she’s won the big one, being crowned Scottish Comedian of the Year 2015. Oh, and…