Joe Jacobs: Orthodox Joe (1 star)

This article is from 2016

Joe Jacobs: Orthodox Joe

Awkward and unsettled tale of attempt at rap stardom

It's a tough start to Joe Jacobs' late-night set. The magicians before him have run over time and there's a rogue projector that's distracting the audience. Before comedy, Jacobs was a rapper and this show charts his journey to make the big time following a self-imposed ultimatum.

It may be due to the rush getting on stage but his backing track is too loud and it's a strain to make out the lyrics to his raps. One about his penis and another ribbing middle-class habits are amusing but far from riotous, while a recording of Jacobs being discussed on BBC 6 Music, presumably there to help frame the story of his rap comeback, just seems self-indulgent.

He doesn't exude the confidence you'd expect from a rapper, he seems uncomfortable from the off. After a few opening sentences, he states that we're a tough crowd and continues to assess our reaction throughout. After each rap he comments on who clapped until eventually the audience feel compelled to offer a perfunctory hand. When people start to chat, most of his insertions are reminiscent of a teacher who has lost control of a class. There is some shock value in his blasé attitude to personal questions but it's lost in an awkward and unsettled hour.

Frankenstein Pub, until 29 Aug (not 27), 10pm, free.

Joe Jacobs: Orthodox Joe

  • 1 star

Joe Jacobs The debut hour from award-winning comedian Joe Jacobs as he charts his attempts at rap stardom. Not even Jews, booze or Vanessa Feltz will stop him in this stand-up comedy show and scumbag musical. Leicester Square New Comedian of the Year finalist, 2015. Jewish Comedian of the Year finalist, 2014. Laughing…