Sleeping Trees: Sci-fi? (4 stars)

This article is from 2016

Sleeping Trees: Sci-fi?

credit: Rosie Powell

Blockbuster hour of cleverly scripted sci-fi laughs

No one could accuse Sleeping Trees of phoning it in: this threesome haven't just created a comedy show, it's a full-blown sci-fi epic. The trio play a whole host of delightfully weird characters, from Mary the pig to Galactacon the baddie and robot sidekick, Guns For Hands. Each character is distinct, despite the frequent changing of roles, and with the help of two onstage musicians – one on drum kit, the other mastering two keyboards and sound effects – they create a galaxy of locations.

The show geeks out on the classic adventure format (young orphan discovering they're destined for greatness) and relishes the sci-fi motifs of spaceships, portals and robots without alienating its audience with niche references. Instead, there's gentle mocking of standard cheesy film lines, daft voices, puns and tons of physical comedy. After all, why mime a hover bike when your co-star can be one?

Sci-Fi? is probably one of the tightest comedy shows in Edinburgh this August, though not so rigid they can't add a bit of ad-lib when weird Frank gets a little over contorted. Like many sci-fi films, there's a slight dip before the resolution scenes get underway, but it's a tiny flaw in a blockbuster hour of cleverly scripted fast laughs and energetic comedy.

Pleasance Courtyard, until 29 Aug, 5pm, £7–£10 (£6–£9).

Sleeping Trees: Sci-Fi?

  • 4 stars

A blockbuster hour of cleverly scripted fast laughs and energetic comedy as the threesome follow Mafia? and Western? with Sci-Fi?