Rebel Bingo (4 stars)

This article is from 2016

Rebel Bingo

Bingo gets a hugely entertaining makeover

Traditionally the game of the retired and elderly, bingo doesn't seem like the kind of thing that could ever be rebellious. But mix in vodka, glitter cannons, fabulously vulgar bingo callers and some great music and you're left with a slightly bizarre and outrageous concept that's a mile away from bingo as you know it. It may seem like something you'd dream / hallucinate after a wild night out, but Rebel Bingo is a wholly legitimate yet mildly surreal phenomenon.

Beginning life in a London church basement, Rebel Bingo initially thrived on its secrecy, with locations revealed only days before an event, hidden beneath the façade of various cover stories like health and safety seminars or neighbourhood watch societies.

Taking on the Fringe with Russian Standard Vodka as partners in crime, their latest adventure offers a taste of the madness that is customary at typical nights. It's fairly tame compared to what has come to be expected from the Rebel Bingo crew but hugely entertaining nonetheless.

With the secrecy now long gone, Rebel Bingo is enjoyed by revellers in cities all over the world, with its founders admitting, 'we're not quite sure how it got totally out of control'. But somehow, it did and now it's Edinburgh's turn to relish in a bit of rebellion.

Assembly George Square Gardens, until 28 Aug (not 22 & 23), 11.45pm, £10–£12.50.

Rebel Bingo

  • 4 stars

Presented by Russian Standard Vodka House of Davai Having made waves from London to Las Vegas, the global mutant bingo sensation makes its Edinburgh debut this summer. Forget everything you know about bingo. Normal bingo is dying. Rebel Bingo is the future. Expect loudness, intensity, fear. Despised by the traditional…