At the Fringe # 7 | Fringe First winners World Without Us and Us / Them

This article is from 2016

At the Fringe # 7 | Fringe First winners World Without Us and Us / Them

Us / Them

New Belgian theatre from Ontroerend Goed's renowned director Alexander Devriendt and the cast of acclaimed Beslan drama

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Critics are supposed to be heard and not seen, but Gareth K Vile got involved in a show a few years ago: in this episode of At the Fringe, Alexander Devriendt, the director of Ontroerend Goed, confronts the critic who threw a shoe at his performers after a discussion about his latest piece, World Without Us. Kirstyn Smith, The List's Music Editor, shares her gig picks at the Festival. And the cast of Fringe First winner Us / Them talk about making challenging work for all the family.

Show notes
00:00:32 – Alexander Devriendt from Ontroerend Goed (World Without Us)
00:16:26 – Music from Blaze – 'Weerslag' (Belgian hip hop)
00:18:36 – Kirstyn Smith's Fringe picks: King Creosote, Nothing Ever Happens Here, Withered Hand, Mogwai and Mark Cousins, Nightworks, DIVE
00:23:59 – Music from RichardBeats
00:25:07 – Gytha Parmentier and Roman van Houtven (Us / Them)
00:34:11 – Credits and thanks

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