Viv Groskop: Be More Margo (2 stars)

This article is from 2016

Viv Groskop: Be More Margo

An unremarkable hour attempting to understand the middle class

Returning to the Fringe after her 2015 debut, Viv Groskop's opening question, 'who remembers the 70s?', is met with enthusiasm from the crowd and her reminiscences of the era garner nostalgic laughter. For those too young to have caught the 1970s series The Good Life, she fills us in on her show's namesake, the gin-and-tonic loving Margo.

Groskop has set out to try and understand what it is to be middle class, a label she self-identifies with. She wants to encourage people to be the 'good' type of middle class, not the 'bad' kind who voted leave. A difficult relationship with her Tory councillor mother is referenced but not examined on a personal level.

Understanding the often contemptuously treated middle class is a noble ambition, but the show lacks anything of particular revelation. She's gathered a number of examples of 'the most middle class thing you've ever done' and, although there are some gems, including a bit of hummus rage, she adds little comment or elaboration to the list of statements beyond 'this is a good one'. An hour that starts so well ends up feeling like we've essentially been read an unremarkable version of the 'Overheard in Waitrose' Facebook account.

The Stand 4, until 28 Aug, 5.55pm, £8 (£7).

Viv Groskop: Be More Margo

  • 2 stars

Viv Groskop BBC Radio 4‘s multi award-winner Viv Groskop presents Be More Margo, the follow-up to her sold-out five-star 2015 debut. This is a show about snobbery, class, Britishness and The Good Life, fuelled entirely by gin. Should we be classless now that we're ‘all in it together’? Or is it time to assert our inner…