Ken Do's Success for Losers (3 stars)

This article is from 2016

Ken Do's Success for Losers

A reasonably winning show from an orange-tied motivational guru

We're all losers. We know that because Ken Do has handed us a mirror with the word 'loser' written on it in big letters and we've all looked into it. It's an action that's pretty indicative of this show featuring a mad man called Ken Do, a lot of crazy home-made props and a surprisingly willing, if small, audience. But Ken Do is going to do something about our loser status: providing we do exactly what he says, everybody can succeed.

Ken Do (Jack Kelly) clowns about in a skinny suit and obnoxiously orange tie, waving some balloons around to warm us up before hitting us with his motivational pledge. Small print was never more poetic, as Ken Do burbles on in a lovely cross between Edward Lear's nonsense and Chaucer's middle English tales.

With hypnotic language and the magic of his yellow rubber gloves, he brings us all round to his view; despite his pushiness for us to succeed, Ken Do's a charming and persuasive motivational speaker. We're all too willing to go along with his daftness even when he's risking static electricity as he rubs out hair with his Marigolds. Just beware of the purple coloured pill. The red ones are OK, though, they're just Strepsils.

Cowgatehead, until 27 Aug, 3pm, free.

Ken Do's Success for Losers

  • 3 stars

Jack Kelly / OftheJackel / PBH's Free Fringe You are the neander-fools and I am fire. Come out of your caves and discover me. I Ken Do! Join motivational maestro Ken Do for a whistle-stop tour of where it all went wrong. With stops for toilet at disappointment, envy, bitterness, and regret. Face your fears, laugh at your…