Mavericks: A Sketch Show (Of Sorts) (2 stars)

This article is from 2016

Mavericks: A Sketch Show (Of Sorts)

Sketch duo who should embrace their darker side

This female double act of Luisa Callander and Ruby Keane from Cambridge Footlights bill themselves as a 'Sketch Show (of Sorts)'. Sadly, there's a wait until we see any sketches as the pair open with a bland and low-energy introduction, including a wikiHow on warming up an audience that seems to lack a sense of irony. Their routines range from a Dragons' Den pitch to an alien interpreter and a Tudor version of Tinder.

Only a single pair of characters return for a second sketch and they're one of the duo's best: two slow-witted lads expressing zero emotion as they record a delightfully surreal account of work experience in a chicken factory that's imbued with truly black comedy.

The Mavericks acknowledge that there's a trend for sketch shows to have an overarching theme. They don't have one and they're better for it, lending an air of possibility at the start of each sketch. To their credit their take on the 'you're messing up the carefully rehearsed sketch' bit is well-timed and amusing, but ultimately it's such tried and tested material. The audience are receptive to the personable performers but it doesn't cover the glaring gaps in a script that needs to ditch the tropes and embrace their darker, surrealist moments.

TheSpace at Jury's Inn, until 27 Aug (not 21), 9.30pm, £5.

Mavericks: A Sketch Show (Of Sorts)

  • 2 stars

Two-woman double act from Footlights performers.