The Grimmest of Grimm Tales (3 stars)

This article is from 2016

The Grimmest of Grimm Tales

credit: Tom Keegan

Lesser known tales of the Brothers Grimm brought to life

Meet the Storytelling Squad, four lively adventurers whose mission is to bring us the best stories they can. To help them, they have a special machine – the Storymax 3000, with which they can search for the greatest and least heralded stories from history. Or, as one of the storytellers points out, it's otherwise known as 'the internet'. With it, they've found the grimmest of Grimm Tales; the unknown stories from the 200-strong repertoire of the Brothers Grimm, the ones which haven't entered nearly as firmly into the historical canon because of their child-unfriendly brutality.

In the three selected here by the team from Avva Laff Productions, a boy is pursued by the embodiment of death, a little red hen dies to the soundtrack of a Beastie Boys-style rap, and a half-hedgehog, rooster-riding, bagpipe-playing, pig-tending boy is disowned by his family, betrayed by a king he aids and honoured by another, meaning a mission of revenge must be undertaken before he gets to his happy ending. These tales are well imagined amidst a well-constructed set and a variety of costumes, and the irreverent humour of the storytelling counters the literal Grimmness of the tales being told.

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The Grimmest of Grimm Tales

  • 3 stars

Avva Laff Productions presents its own take on the Brothers Grimm fairy tales, with even more scary characters and unusual plots. Ages 6+.