Anti-White PC Mangina Activate! (2 stars)

This article is from 2016

Anti-White PC Mangina Activate!

A web-based show that should turn itself off and on again

Dick Coughlan is an intense presence whose rants come from the heart. It's just a shame that his Anti-White PC Mangina Activate! is so unfocussed and scatter-shot, especially as he's on surer ground when sticking to his vague internet theme. While pointing out the madness and fury that has taken over Twitter, Facebook and YouTube is like shooting fish in a barrel, he still has some wonderfully batshit examples up his sleeve. This is all endearingly lo-fi with Coughlan holding up a selection of laminated screenshots, cleverly avoiding the technical glitches that plague so many PowerPoint Fringe shows.

Coughlan obviously skips over some material (he skims through more flash cards that remain unseen) and on this occasion never even gets round to discussing the show's bizarre title despite promising to explain it during his opening ramble. Instead he wastes time heading down a blind alley about Sweden's unbelievably enlightened sex laws or a half-baked section discussing Islam that peters out.

If Coughlan concentrated on the core of the show (his own web-based misadventures), he really could have something great on his hands. Despite a few brilliant moments, the majority of his material is getting a big flashing 404 Error.

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Anti-White PC Mangina Activate!

  • 2 stars

Dick Coughlan Dick Coughlan thought he was a good guy. That was until he met the internet and soon found out he was actually an evil, ball-less, genocidal, race-traitorous bastard! Now, after seven years, even he doesn't know. This is his bizarre journey deep into the weirdest, darkest and funniest recesses of the…