Des Clarke 3D (3 stars)

This article is from 2016

Des Clarke 3D

credit: J Cooper

An often hilarious set from a thoroughly Scottish act

It's probably a wise move to brush up on some Glaswegian slang before heading to a Des Clarke show. With a tendency to talk at a hundred miles an hour, keeping up with Clarke for the whole hour can be tricky, even for a fellow Scot. But once he has warmed to the crowd (and the crowd has warmed to him), his knack for storytelling truly shines through, and the audience are in stitches.

His Edinburgh appearance this year comes as a trilogy: three shows, eight days each, based consecutively around love, sandwiches and the apocalypse. Though, if you hadn't spotted the title of 3D, you'd probably never guess. Clarke fires through a whopping amount of material in an hour. It's the 'love' section tonight featuring stories about a lack of praise from his father to his marriage proposal.

The Fringe attracts people from all over the globe, yet Clarke's sell-out show gets the most bums on seats from Scots. Although jokes about his motherland are entertaining, he's going to need to shake it up if he wants to draw in the wider crowd.

The Stand, until 28 Aug, 7pm, £12 (£10).

Des Clarke 3D

  • 3 stars

Lakin McCarthy by arrangement with Craig Latto @ DAA Management Des Clarke is a much loved performer in Edinburgh. Quite an achievement for a Glaswegian. Uniquely, Des will perform three different sets this year – each running for eight days – about the things that matter to him most. A trilogy of shows: Love, Sandwiches…