Ribbet Ribbet Croak (3 stars)

This article is from 2016

Ribbet Ribbet Croak

credit: Cormac Dunne

Froggy tale with inventive sensory elements for an early years audience

There's a pleasantly low-key, homemade vibe to Ribbet Ribbet Croak, Moulded Theatre's little story of Gran and Grandpa frog who are working out what to do for a special birthday treat for their Grandfrogs.

While the young audience keep a lookout for the Grandfrogs, in the best panto tradition calling out when they spot them, Natalie Green and Soniya Kapur as Gran and Grandpa, dream up the different treats they could go for, from space-walking and scuba diving to spider sandwich eating.

Aimed at an early years audience, possibly up to P1, and specifically at youngsters with complex learning needs, the requisite signing is reasonably well done. It is not only included in the audience interactions but is solidly bolted on to the structure of the production.

Green and Kapur make good use of the audience as part of the performance, interlacing plenty of tactile and other sensory elements into the show. There's a great dance sequence to the most wonderfully squidgy music, and tiny bubbles which linger for ages as they float around the space.

In its slow pace and understated design, this hits its target pretty well. Whether older children will be amused is another matter.

Pleasance Courtyard, until 21 Aug, 3.15pm, £7--£9 (£6--£8).

Ribbet Ribbet Croak

  • 3 stars

Moulded Theatre Join Grandma and Grandpa Frog as they leave the pond to plan a big surprise. You can also help them keep an eye out for their cheeky grandfrogs, who pop up in unexpected places along the way! Featuring puppetry, songs and plenty of audience interaction, Ribbet Ribbet Croak is a multisensory playful…