Foxdog Studios (4 stars)

Nerdy feat of excellent comedy engineering

Foxdog Studios

'Stop laughing at metal!' demands Mr Boxhat, proprietor of the metal recycling plant we now work in, and a man whose name is awesomely apt. The line shouldn't be especially funny but, as delivery is everything in this unhinged musical exploration of high-tech audience participation, it just kills.

Foxdog Studios are two very smart, nerdy guys who have wired themselves up as instruments to accompany our journey into a surreal virtual world where the acme of high living is sucking Dooley's – a toffee cream liqueur experience – out of clothing at Leeds Ceilidh Festival. The community feeling engendered by an audience fiddling with their own smartphones to control the story's characters is palpable. It's a huge treat for everyone, although those with phones that can't deal with their technology will feel a little frustrated after a while.

That said, this show is a feat of comedy engineering, especially Mr Duckhat, an inspired, unnerving creation, and the pair have even remembered to cater to the section in the room that has a poor stage sightline. This is the free festival done right, with incentives for generous bucket donations, and is well worth the late-night trip south of the Meadows.

Laughing Horse @ The Cellar Monkey, until 28 Aug, 11.15pm, free.

Foxdog Studios

  • 4 stars

The time here (23:15) is correct, the printed programme is wrong (it's pm not am, our fault). Surreal computer consultants push interactive technology further than anyone’s ever bothered. Join Foxdog Studios on a journey through their latest inventions: use your smartphone to draw your avatar, play games and become a part…


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